Google is temporary. Stopping The operation of its Gemini AI model, which is designed to generate images of people, has led to reported errors in historical depictions produced by the system.

Google logo from neon lights - ideal image.Google logo from neon lights - ideal image.

Google logo from neon lights – ideal image. Image credit: Mitchell Lowe via Unsplash, free license

The development is a setback for Google, which owns Alphabet, in its ongoing efforts to compete with industry rivals such as OpenAI and Microsoft.

The decision to discontinue the Gemini AI model comes shortly after its launch earlier this month. However, concerns arose on social media regarding the model’s tendency to create historical images that were not always accurate.

Acknowledging these problems, Google said on Wednesday that it was aware of errors in some historical images produced by the Gemini AI model.

Google’s move indicates a competitive landscape in the field of artificial intelligence, especially after the release of OpenAI. Chat GPT In November 2022. In an attempt to match the capabilities of its competitors, Google introduced its generative AI chatbot called Bard one year ago.

This decision to discontinue the Gemini AI model demonstrates Google’s commitment to addressing accuracy and reliability concerns in its AI technologies, ensuring they meet the highest standards of performance and quality.

written by Alius Norica