Every electric motor has a controller, and the motor controller has options that will depend on the task the motor will perform. The purpose of Motor Control Center is very straightforward and easy to understand. If a motor controller is a device that monitors the performance of an electric motor, then Motor control centers There are large enclosures used to house standard motor control equipment.

Motor control center - ideal picture. Motor control center - ideal picture.

Motor control center – ideal picture. Image credit: usertrmk via Freepik, free license

A basic motor control center provides a compact modular grouping for motor control and electrical distribution components. Think of it as a filing cabinet. Drawers contain combination starters and other electrical distribution and control products such as lighting contactors. Historically these units were electromechanical, and the primary functions included a short circuit, a power switching device for overload protection with local or remote activation, and controller state indication. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits below and why you should use Motor Control Center.

Single source coordination

With the Motor Control Center, you can streamline the coordination of all components. You do this by providing a single source for purchasing any pre-assembled and pre-tested systems. This approach often results in a much lower installed cost, compared to separately installed controls. With the Motor Control Center, no individual components need to be sourced or integrated. It simplifies your shopping process in a big way.

Low power wiring

All compared to separate controls. Motor control centers require very little line-side power wiring. With this reduction in wiring, you can make installation much easier. You will also be able to reduce any risk of wiring errors and the material and labor costs involved in those errors.

Space efficient

Motor control centers are designed with space efficiency in mind as they save valuable floor space due to their excellent layout, flexibility and compact design. The centralized layout of the motor control center also makes maintenance much easier. The modular nature of the Motor Control Center also allows for easy reconfiguration or expansion as things grow.

Fault Containment

Is there a problem with electricity? Well, you can use complete containment and isolation to support the motor control center. Motor control centers are excellent at troubleshooting and isolating electrical components. This is very important for safety. You want to minimize downtime in your industrial setting, and a motor control center can help you do that.

Across applications

Control centers are most commonly used in applications where remote control of multiple loads is required. From a central point in an industrial plant, a motor control center can be used to manage HVAC, pumps, fan loads, and environmental control systems. They are also used in processes that include pumps, fans, mixers and conveyors. Distributed control systems are programmable logic controllers. These are used in conjunction with the motor control center to provide control and data acquisition functionality.