I GOUGH’S CAVE In Cheddar Gorge, southwest England, archaeologists have found the remains of at least six people. Many of the bones were intentionally broken and the fragments are covered with cut marks, the result of people using stone tools to separate them and extract the meat. Moreover, 42% of bone fragments Human tooth marks. There’s no doubt about it: the people who lived in this cave 14,700 years ago were ungrateful.

Today, cannibalism is a taboo subject in many societies. As evident in the movies. Texas chain saw carnage. We associate it with zombies, psychopaths and serial killers like the legendary Hannibal Lecter. Positive stories of cannibals are few and far between. But maybe it’s time to think again because, despite our preconceived notions, evidence is accumulating that genocide was a normal human behavior.

Our ancestors have been eating each other for a million years or more. In fact, it seems that, under the age of 10, about a fifth of societies have practiced genocide. While some of this may have been done simply to survive, in many cases, the reasons appear to be more complex. In places like Gough’s Cave, for example, eating the corpses of the dead was part of it. Funeral rites. Far from being a hideous hatred for nature, cremation can be a way of showing off. Respect and love for the deadSome archaeologists say

Stories of cannibals can be found throughout human history. In Homer The Odyssey,…