The Ukrainian defenders face a huge problem – they are running extremely low on artillery. The balls. But there is some good news that can be summed up in three numbers – 300,000, 500,000 and 2,000,000,000.

M777 - One of the many 155 mm howitzers in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine.M777 - One of the many 155 mm howitzers in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

M777 – One of the many 155 mm howitzers in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Photo credit: via Armenianform Wikimedia Commons (CC BY 4.0)

The Czech Republic announced that it had received a large number of artillery shells outside of NATO, which could be given to the Ukrainian armed forces if adequate funding was provided. This would be an important step, as Ukraine is now severely short of artillery ammunition.

An anonymous Ukrainian military representative confirmed information from Czech President Peter Pavel that several countries have 800,000 shells that could meet the immediate needs of Ukraine’s armed forces. This number is more than all that the EU was able to provide to Ukraine last year.

If these shells were immediately moved into Ukraine, Ukrainian defenders could again defend themselves with active artillery against advancing Russian forces. Artillery is very important in this war and the Ukrainian defenders have seen many situations where the advancing Russians could have been held back by howitzer fire if only there had been enough shells.

In better times, Ukrainian artillery fired 7-8 thousand rounds per day. Now that number is much lower (and not officially reported), but it is at least partially offset by drones. On the other hand, if the Czech plan succeeds, those shells will be enough for Ukraine for at least 3-4 months of intense shooting. But where did the Czech Republic get 800,000 artillery shells?

“This round could be sent from South Korea and South Africa. The deal is worth around $2 billion,” NV sources said. He seems to be referring to South Africa as a region and not the Republic of South Africa. Africa certainly has a lot of 122mm shells, many countries there rely on Soviet/Russian weapons.

The 122 mm is the Soviet artillery standard, very familiar to Ukraine. Sources said the Czech president spoke about it publicly to try and convince France to advance money for the cause. France is generally reluctant to finance arms purchases outside Europe.

On February 17, at the Munich Security Conference, Peter Powell said: “We have identified at this point half a million rounds of 155 mm caliber and another 300,000 rounds of 122 mm caliber, which we will deliver within weeks.” Will be able if we act quickly. Find funding for this activity.”

written by Povelas M.

Source: NV.ua