This news can be difficult to understand. But to put it simply, a Russian scientist invented a tank that shoots a human. ExclusionBecause of which he became very famous and now a million rubles have been stolen from him.

What if it was shooting human waste?What if it was shooting human waste?

What if it was shooting human waste? Image credit: Vsix by Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Alexander Semyonov is a 71-year-old associate professor in St. Petersburg. He is a lecturer and commonly referred to as a serial inventor. He boasts that he has registered hundreds of patents. Many of them belong to the army. This is quite a feat, although it is easy to get a patent in Russia.

Years ago, Semyonov invented a tank that shoots feces. In particular, he invented and patented a tank projectile that could be filled with human excrement. You may be wondering, why the heck. But the inventor had an interesting reason for this.

There is very little space in the tank, which means that it is difficult to empty your bowels comfortably and cleanly. Semyonov believed that tank crew members could defecate in the shell he created. The poop will form part of the projectile and will be fired by the main gun. This will eliminate the source of the odor within the broken down crew compartment.

If necessary, it will be fired at point blank range to get rid of it. If possible, the enemy will be pointed at. A precision hit would still be lethal because, well, it’s a tank shell and the exhaust is only a small part of it, Semyonov said. But if such a projectile is missed, according to its creator, the enemy forces will suffer psychological damage – who wants to be blown up?

even The Guardian wrote About Semyonov’s patented phase-shooting tank idea, but the Russian engineer didn’t rest on his laurels and continued to invent other things. For example, it recently developed a new transmission for tanks and tractors and received a grant of two million rubles for it.

For some reason, that money was kept in cash in a safe in his office at the University of St. Petersburg. And according to the Telegram channel Mash, someone stole a million rubles from this stash. The main suspect is the university janitor, but the whole story is very strange.

Someone stole a million from the developer of Pope Ammunition – sounds brutal, right? One million rubles is about ten thousand euros.

written by Povelas M.

Source: TSN.ua.