Qualcomm now has an affordable solution for those looking to build long-lasting Windows laptops powered by ARM chips and with 45 TOPS for AI.

Snapdragon Dev Kit for Windows - Microprocessor View
Snapdragon Dev Kit for Windows – Microprocessor View Image credit: Qualcomm

The company has unveiled it. A device like the Mac mini This week is primarily designed for developers.

The new $899.99 “Snapdragon Dev Kit for Windows” features the advanced Snapdragon X Elite chip, which boasts a 4.6 TFLOP GPU. It also includes 32GB of LPDDR5x RAM, 512GB of NVMe storage, and multiple ports, all packed into a form factor similar to Apple’s mini desktop.

The spec sheet indicates that the two-pound PC will only be available in black – no transparent version has yet been made. The eight-by-seven-by-1.3-inch device supports Wi-Fi 7, Bluetooth 5.4 and can power up to three 4K monitors simultaneously.

Snapdragon Dev Kit for WindowsSnapdragon Dev Kit for Windows
Snapdragon Dev Kit for Windows. Image credit: Qualcomm

Port options include three USB4 ports with Type-C connectors, two USB 3.2 Type-A ports, Ethernet, 3.5mm audio, and HDMI. For those planning a multi-monitor setup, at least one USB-C cable or adapter will be necessary.

A notable advantage of the Dev Kit is its power capacity: Microsoft says the Dev Kit has a peak TDP of more than 80 watts. It uses an external 180W AC adapter.

While the Dev Kit may offer a more budget-friendly alternative to the new Microsoft. Copilot Plus PC Similarly, laptops with Qualcomm chips, the difference is not enough. For example, the Surface Laptop 6 starts at $999.99 and includes its own screen. Additionally, it is uncertain whether the Dev Kit will be widely available. Qualcomm’s landing page currently directs to a contact form that may need to be filled out to get in touch.

written by Alius Norica