Apart from the exclusive VIP sections of the top Aussie online casinos there is a world of unimaginable glamour, luxury and excitement reserved for anyone who loves risk and the possibility of big rewards.

High roller gamblingHigh roller gambling

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But is the high-roller lifestyle one of non-stop glitz? Behind the mountains of virtual chips are a number of major pros and cons to weigh before entering the high-stakes arena.

Key skills a high roller needs.

The world of high stakes requires more than just a hefty bankroll. It calls for a set of skills and attributes that go beyond luck. Some of them include:

  • Understanding of financial management
  • Skilled risk assessment
  • Effective use of time
  • Expertise in particular sports
  • Remainder formed under pressure
  • Building relationships within the gambling community
  • Developing and implementing strategic betting strategies

By understanding the basic skills, you can realize how complex the players’ journey is. While the majority of gamblers play for fun, some of them make a profit from their bets. In the following sections we will consider the advantages and disadvantages of such an approach.

Pro: Big win potential

The main attraction of high stakes is the opportunity for absolutely massive payouts. Like with great bonuses No Deposit Free Spins Players can increase their chances of winning and enjoy the game for longer. While most average punters are playing for hundreds or low thousands per session, high rollers can drop A$10,000+ per bet. Their stakes are high.

When betting such a large amount, the potential payouts also increase exponentially. Reward potential is directly linked to greater risks taken. High rollers can earn in a short grinding session what would take ordinary players months of continuous play. At least they can meet the wagering requirements faster and stake their winnings.

Con: High damage on luck change

Of course, betting at such high stakes as a VIP gambler has very few downsides to counter the huge but occasional upside spikes. When lady luck inevitably turns her way — even briefly — high-rollers need to brace themselves for some painful potential losses.

The downside of betting such large sums is that the losses are also very financially straining for high rollers. The randomness and volatility involved in gambling sees a lot of swings at the nosebleed VIP stages. While a typical punter might lose a few hundred before quitting during an unlucky session, high rollers can shed A$100k+ during a particularly brutal losing stretch.

Pro: VIP perks and complements

Assuming you have the bankroll to support a true high-roller lifestyle, playing for such large sums unlocks a number of fantastic perks. VIPs receive an exceptional level of service — special bonuses, private managers, larger bet sizes, higher withdrawal limits, and more.

However, while the benefits of being a VIP in the gambling world are attractive, the financial risks are just as significant. Playing at high stakes means potentially losing significant amounts of money. It is important to consider whether the potential rewards outweigh the inherent financial risks before plunging into high-stakes gambling.

Con: Hard to sustain long-term wins

Statistics show conclusively that most gamblers lose in the long run, even those who are playing professionally with the best strategy. Although winning sessions or hot months are frequent, beating the house edge on thousands of bets forever proves extremely difficult for almost all VIP players.

High roller gambling randomly pays huge jackpot amounts, which keeps players hooked, chasing the next jackpot. But the math dictates that casinos have the edge in the big picture. For real long-term profits, players need immense discipline and access to sufficient capital to utilize ongoing profit play techniques that exploit inefficiencies in odds.

Pro: Adrenaline rush and social kiddo

While the financial motivations are obvious, the psychological rush and elevated social status provide largely secondary incentives for becoming a high-roller VIP. Gambling for such huge sums inspires an unparalleled adrenaline rush for thrill seekers. Just betting on big fortunes makes the heart beat wildly.

Achieving status recognition among staff and fellow elite players when you risk huge sums of money gives immense inner satisfaction and an ego boost. Even outside non-gamblers get the buzz and social appreciation of being associated with a certified high-stakes baller. Reverence and veneration are most gratifying.

Con: Potential for addiction

With so much wealth and intense emotions in the game, gambling addiction can take hold of the players. While addiction can affect all players, high rollers suffer as their lives spiral out of control.

Thankfully, judgment-free resources like gambling therapy and debt-free Australia can help players identify any unhealthy patterns before they become critical. All big bettors need to be more self-aware of their spending and gambling/life balance in order to spot signs of emerging trouble early on.

Pro: Gain insight into advanced strategy.

Gaining access to high-roller inner circles provides an invaluable fast-track education in advanced gambling strategies. Watching gaming veterans ply their trade up close lets you quickly absorb exclusive tips and tricks worth a lifetime.

The rare insight you get into complex card counting, sports arbitrage, and other beneficial playing techniques is impossible to duplicate at fun levels. Watching elite professionals in action sharpens your skills quickly.

Con: Requires a lot of initial capital.

To enter the high-stakes world, you need to be armed with a decent bankroll. A minimum of A$50,000 in available gambling funds provides the only entry ticket to be taken seriously and threshold bets to unlock VIP privileges.

Either that or become an incredibly skilled player who is able to gradually build a fortune through consistent wins in a career that starts with a small roll. Sheer financial constraints keep the majority of gambling enthusiasts out of the high roller party.

How to become a high roller?

Now that you know the pros and cons of being a high roller player, you may be interested in how to become one. In the table below we have outlined the main steps a gambler takes to join the Whale community.

Steps to follow

Description of features

Invest a lump sum.

This helps you to get additional benefits and other features.

High stakes

The higher the bet, the higher the potential winnings.

Contact customer service.

This will help you get a detailed overview of the high roller benefits available to you.

Access VIP programs.

You can avail the best gambling experience with special conditions.


For most Australian punters, betting is just for fun. But for “whales” who bet big money, the thrill comes with some big risks. As we’ve seen, high rollers are treated like kings when they’re on a winning streak. But all players have bad losing runs. And losing hundreds of thousands in one session hurts a lot.

Statistics show that most players eventually lose to the house edge over time. So chasing the big win should be more about adventure than money. High-rolling suits are only for the little guys with ice-cold discipline and money they can afford to lose. For everyone else, enjoying a comfortable tide within your means is the safest way to gamble.