Research shows that creative AI can speed up study time.

Average study duration before and after Syntea rollout. Credit: IU Internationale Hochschule

Time plays an important role in higher education learning and affects learning progress and achievement of educational goals. AI support can help reduce learning time, reduce dropout rates through personalized approaches and increase enrollment rates.

Researchers at the International University of Applied Sciences (IU) have shown for the first time the positive effects of mass-produced AI. Within a large and diverse treatment group (n = ca. 1,000 IU students). The findings suggest that creative AI can help accelerate learning progress.

gave In “Revolutionizing Distance Learning: A Comparative Study of Learning Progress with AI-Driven Tutoring,” Preprint.

The study examined whether the use of the AI-supported learning assistant Syntea, which was available at almost all IUs. In October 2023, distance education affects student learning progress.

The IU research team’s analysis showed that using Syntea, the average time taken by IU distance learners to complete a course decreased by 27% compared to baseline. This means that students will save about 10 months of study time for a three-year bachelor’s program. This is based on the assumption that the effect will be magnified over the total time of the study.

“This landmark study underscores the revolutionary impact our AI learning partner Syntea is having on higher education,” said Dr. Sven Shutt, CEO of IU International University of Applied Sciences. The results show that education is on the verge of unprecedented improvement. is, paving the way for possibilities we couldn’t have imagined just a year ago.

“Extending this finding to the 15-year educational journey of the average bachelor The potential to accelerate the average four years of education means opening up entirely new opportunities to reshape our education system.”

The research focused on Syntea’s new feature, “Exam Trainer,” which was released in October 2023 for several IU courses (about 40), continuing the history of the LLM (Large Language Models) Syntea launch in early 2022. i happened

In the future, it is planned that the trainer function will be available for half of IU’s courses. The Trainer feature prepares students for the exam and gives them the same questions as the next exam, providing personalized feedback in the same way you would in an exam. By doing so, IU students receive much more feedback than students at other universities, helping them develop faster.

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Revolutionary Distance Education: A Comparative Study of Learning Progress with Ai-Driven Tutoring

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