Ukraine is fast becoming a US warplane. F-16 Fighting Falcon, and no other country in the world before it, has done it so quickly. The F-16 will soon be arriving to protect Ukraine’s skies, but the Ukrainian Air Force is trying to live up to expectations.

The first shipment of F-16s is expected to arrive in Ukraine later this year.The first shipment of F-16s is expected to arrive in Ukraine later this year.

The first shipment of F-16s is expected to arrive in Ukraine later this year. Image credit: Balon Greyjoy by Wikimedia Commons

I An interview with Ukrainform, a representative of the Ukrainian Air Force, Yuri Akhnat, talked about how Ukraine is preparing to use F-16 fighter jets. They are expected to begin protecting Ukraine’s skies in the next few months.

Some believe the first shipment will arrive as soon as next summer. Ukraine relies on Soviet fighter jets, which are not only old (the F-16 isn’t exactly young) but also quite different. The transfer of Western fighter jets, which have far greater capabilities, is not easy, and Ukraine needs to act more quickly than any country has done before.

“Pilots are being trained, infrastructure is being developed, some temporary hangars are being built, and some runways are being improved. In a war situation we have such a large infrastructure for F-16 fighter jets. Can’t build one that meets the needs of NATO countries, but the planes can fly in the conditions we already have.

Now nobody knows when Ukraine will have F16. We hope to get them as soon as possible. I would like to note that Ukraine is transitioning to the F-16 very quickly, as no other country in the world has done before,” noted Yuriy Ahnat.

He is trying to downplay expectations of what impact the F-16 could have in the war in Ukraine. Some believe that Ukraine will soon win after the appearance of the F-16. “You understand that first a small group of pilots will come and start working in the sky.

Of course, Russia will react accordingly. However, the process of training pilots and increasing their group in Ukraine will be gradual. We will not be given 40, 70 or 120 planes immediately,” the representative of the Ukrainian Air Force emphasized.

He added that the training is ongoing. Today, Ukrainian F-16 pilots fly F-16s with instructors.

“Ukrainian pilots must fully master the machine and be able to fly independently without instructors. Training flights are being conducted. They first study tactics to intercept air targets. This is a It is a multi-role aircraft, so in future we will have to train to engage both land and sea targets. Our pilots do it quickly, as the training course usually lasts for 2 years. We are doing it very quickly. are,” he said.

Ahnat stressed that Ukraine has a clear plan, according to which pilots and technical staff are being trained to maintain the aircraft. The plan is being pursued in defiance of pressure to get the F-16 into combat sooner.

written by Povelas M.

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