Also on Zoom, Martin Scorsese. Knows how to frame a shot. Apparently he’s dialed in to talk about his new one. Great cup Advertisement for Squarespace But as he settles in, he adjusts the iPad he’s calling from to make sure his face is perfectly aligned with the bookshelves behind him. .

It’s not so much vanity as wanting to take digital communication seriously. Scorsese’s Super Bowl spot is a funny, hilarious riff on what would happen if extraterrestrials came to Earth and couldn’t get humanity’s attention because everyone was lost in their phones. It’s funny, but at the same time Scorsese thinks something. At 81, he says, he remembers the transition from radio to television to film and thinks a lot about how people of each generation consume visual media.

Including, now, on Tick ​​tock. Late last year, the legendary filmmaker — who recently received his 10th honor. Best Director Oscar Nomination, for Killers of the Flower Moon– went viral when his daughter Francesca Scorsese debuted. Posted a video of his father. Learning slang on a video sharing app. He says he’ll never be good at telling a story on TikTok, but a 30-second spot? That he can.

Wired spoke to Scorsese about his Squarespace ad. Artificial intelligence into filmmaking, and whether or not he’ll get it. Vision Pro.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Angela Water Cutter: Shall we dive in?

Martin Scorsese: My guess. I will do my best. [Laughs]

I saw the behind the scenes scenes you did with Francesca the other day. How is it working with your daughter as a supporter?

Well, it’s just an extension of both of us and how we behave in general. So for me it’s very grounded. There is no judgment, or direction in any sense. It’s really playing off each other. It seems to flow very naturally with him.

You two are so funny.

I think he has a wonderful sense of humor, and he’s a very good actor. Something, it’s not acting, you know, it’s just being. Just not easy. But this is the key.

Does this mean we’re about to get some more TikToks soon? I know the internet is expecting them.

We would like to post something else. A little busy right now. If she comes up with an interesting idea during the nature of the work itself, where we’re doing interviews and we’re going to places to do an event or whatever, it energizes her. This makes it even more natural. In a way, it’s disarming, because we have no choice. We have to do it and it’s like, “Let’s do it,” instead of “Don’t bother me. Get away from me with this iPhone. I love the iPhone, I’m just saying it. keep away from me

Ha! Okay fine. I know what you mean.

I don’t know what’s going on with the internet. I didn’t know this would be posted. However, it’s all right.