Michael Culver: When was the last time you visited The Hairpin website?

Lauren Good: It’s been a while. Why are you asking?

Michael Culver: You should go check it out now.

Lauren Good: now?

Michael Culver: Yes, right now.

Lauren Good: Okay, wait, I’m going to do it. Well, wow. “Talking with the Future Resident of a Real Tiny House,” “Dream Interpretations,” “The Ultimate Guide to Wearing a Jumpsuit,” “Who’s the Most Important Person in Your Life? Testimonies.” It’s a little different than the hairpin I remember.

Michael Culver: This isn’t the hairpin you remember.

Lauren Good: It is not. So what’s going on here?

Michael Culver: Maybe something happened to him. Maybe someone else owns and operates it.

Lauren Good: It sure looks like it.

Michael Culver: all right. Well, our guest today is going to explain what’s going on.

Lauren Good: Well, I’m curious.

Michael Culver: Let’s talk about it.

[Gadget Lab intro theme music plays]

Michael Culver: Hello everyone. Welcome to the Gadget Lab. I’m Michael Culver. I’m the director of consumer tech and culture at Wired.

Lauren Good: And I’m Lauren Good. I’m a senior writer at Wired.

Michael Culver: We’re also joined by Wired senior writer Kate Knibbs, who covers culture, media and artificial intelligence for us. Hello, Kate.

Kate Knibbs: Hi thanks for having me.

Michael Culver: Of course. Welcome back to the show. We have, as a special bonus, in the studio the man who is yours and mine, Wired’s executive editor of news, Brian Barrett. Brian, welcome back.

Brian Barrett: Thank you, I like to consider myself your and your friend.

Lauren Good: Management said if I ever heard.

Michael Culver: I think you were last here in 2022. We talked about Peloton.

Brian Barrett: Yes, we definitely did.

Michael Culver: Do you still row, bike, run?

Brian Barrett: I still ride a bike. Mike, I added some strength training. I don’t know if anyone noticed.

Lauren Good: Who is your favorite strength training instructor at Peloton?

Brian Barrett: You have to go with Adrian, right?

Lauren Good: I thought you were going to say Rad?

Brian Barrett: No, I didn’t.

Lauren Good: But Adrien is great.

Brian Barrett: Maybe I need to give Rod a chance.

Lauren Good: Red Lopez

Brian Barrett: I am aware

Lauren Good: He is very good.

Brian Barrett: Yes. Always a fan of Ben too.

Lauren Good: Respect. Do you meditate in Peloton?

Brian Barrett: I will. Let me tell you, sleep meditation sounds like a cheat code to me.

Lauren Good: Ross Rayburn.

Brian Barrett: Yes. Also, Krista McKee. It’s just a podcast now, everyone.

Michael Culver: Well, unfortunately we’re not talking about Peloton or sleep meditation this week.