Amazon is facing a proposed US class action lawsuit accusing the online retail company of Violated consumer protection laws. By directing millions of shoppers to higher priced items to generate additional fees.

Amazon Delivery Packages - Illustration Amazon Delivery Packages - Illustration

Amazon Delivery Packages – Illustration Image Credit: Anirudh via Unsplash, Free License

The complaint, filed in federal court in Seattle, claims that Amazon’s algorithm, which determines which items appear in its “buy box” during product searches, often results in faster delivery times. Hides priced options.

The lawsuit, citing a recent antitrust lawsuit brought against Amazon by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and 17 states, argues that shoppers choose Amazon’s selection about 98 percent of the time, often under the mistaken belief that These selections represent the best prices available.

According to the complaint, Amazon designed the algorithm to favor third-party sellers participating in its Fulfillment by Amazon program, which pay substantial fees for services such as inventory storage, packing, shipping, and returns.

The complaint claims, “While ostensibly identifying the choices consumers would make if they considered all available offers, Amazon’s BuyBox algorithm deceptively favors Amazon’s own profits over consumer welfare.” Is.” Amazon chose not to comment on the matter.

The lawsuit was filed by California residents Jeffrey Taylor and Robert Selway. According to the plaintiffs’ attorney Steve Berman, it aims to secure damages for Amazon’s alleged violations of a Washington state law against deceptive trade practices dating back to 2016, which has placed a substantial burden on its customers.

Unlike other “Buy Box”-related lawsuits, this case focuses on antitrust violations or harm to sellers who choose not to join Amazon’s fulfillment program, rather than the consequences of fraudulent practices. I focus on potential harm to consumers.

written by Vytautas Valinskas