If this year’s Valentine’s Day greeting surprised you with its eloquence, there’s a good chance it was written by artificial intelligence (AI).

A Valentine Boat - Artistic Interpretation. A Valentine Boat - Artistic Interpretation.

A Valentine Boat – Artistic Interpretation.

According to McAfeesaw 45 percent of men Chat GPT, Google Gemini, and other similar tools for the love card movement this year. Although statistics confirm that only a very small proportion of them do it with malicious intent, experts stress that they should not fall prey to “armed” fraudsters armed with AI charms. Of course, this particular statistical study was conducted in Australia, but similar trends can be expected in the rest of the world.

The same research revealed that 41% of men and 28% of women are currently using or planning to use AI to improve their online dating profiles, photos and messages.

AI in the world of love

AI is the new reality of the world of love, which we will have to accept with both its benefits and its risks. By offering dating ideas and flirting lessons, the technology will give some people the courage to confess their love for the first time, while others will help rekindle the spark in a cold relationship.

But it’s important to remember that the same tool can be used by malicious people, whose hands are unleashed by AI in dating apps to create even more attractive photos of alleged love-seekers and about alleged feelings. Can convince with more conviction, when in reality they are heartless profit motive.

Finding out or admitting that a Valentine’s Day message was created by a robot can make more than one person’s blood boil.

Data collected by McAfee showed that about a quarter of those who used AI to write Valentine’s greetings did so because of a lack of courage, with a fifth because of a schedule that was “too tight.” , and 18 percent — lacked eloquence or didn’t know if their peers would want to listen on occasion. Only one in ten “smart Romeos” used AI because they felt comfortable writing out of necessity and wanted to put as much effort into it as possible.

Fraudsters have already mastered the AI ​​tool.

Experts say that when AI is used in a romantic theme, it is important to note its dark side. Today, generative intelligence can create images of people who look good, but don’t actually exist, with the click of a few buttons, which a fifth of respondents have already seen on the most popular social networks and dating apps. . Last 12 months.

Even worse, using these images and the automation tools provided by AI, an average skilled villain can harm dozens or even hundreds of victims at a time.

How do you view AI messages on dating platforms?

If you’ve ever wondered whether you’ve got butterflies in your stomach on a dating platform you’ve met or the charms of a rogue AI, here are five ways to protect yourself from romance crimes. The most important methods are:

  • Carefully review the messages or emails you send. Letters AI-generated texts are fluent, but confusing and often “nothing”.
  • Type Krish’s name and surname in Google search. Fraudsters often use stolen identities, so the difference in appearance between a dating app and other sources is a huge red flag.
  • Do not agree to transfer communications from dating apps to Telegram, WhatsApp and other platforms that use encryption. They are often used by criminals to remain undetected;
  • Never send private information, money or gifts, even if you receive them first. Fraudsters often send small sums of money or low-value surprises to victims to catch them off guard and obtain their address and other sensitive personal data.
  • Tell at least one person about your new favorite. Too much praise can prevent you from seeing suspicious situations that might be obvious to your friends or family.

written by Vytautas Valinskas