Russia has a large stockpile of main battle tanks. Russia is also still developing tanks at a good pace. That’s what we’re being told, but the reality is that Russia is upgrading antiquities T-62s And sending them to the great Ukrainian drone. This oddity reflects either the high speed of destruction achieved by Ukraine’s defenders, the slow pace of Russia’s military industry, or both.

Russian T-62 with a coupe cage, captured by Ukrainian defenders.Russian T-62 with a coupe cage, captured by Ukrainian defenders.

Russian T-62 with a coupe cage, captured by Ukrainian defenders. Image credit: via Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Ukrainian journalist Andriy Tarasenko has shared a Russian-made video showing a modern old Russian T-62 tank. The T-62 is so old that it wasn’t even originally called a main battle tank – it was classified as a medium tank. The T-62, which entered service in 1961, was created as a modernization of the T-54/55 series of tanks, which can easily trace their lineage back to World War II. All Russian T-62 tanks are now obsolete, as they were manufactured in the Soviet Union before 1976.

Of course, the video shows T-62Ms with upgraded armor, bulldozer blades and coupe cages. But if Russia had enough new tanks, these machines would not go to Ukraine.

By the way, the Ukrainian Armed Forces also inherited several hundred T-62 tanks from the Soviet era. Before the current war Ukraine still had a number of T-62M/MVs, with additional composite armor tiles on the turret and hull, an improved 620 hp engine and an upgraded fire control system with laser range finder.

The Ukrainian T-62 can fire the 9K116-2 Sheksna anti-tank guided missile. Already during the ongoing war, Ukrainian troops captured several Russian T-62 aircraft and converted them into technical support vehicles. Nowadays it is difficult to use them as tanks.

The T-62 was once quite a capable tank, but now it’s just an old thing. Weak armor, weak 115 mm gun, poor fire control system. Of course, many older weapons are taking part in the war in Ukraine – the Cheetah 1A5 is not even the latest word in military technology. But Russia, which has positioned itself as a great military power, should be ashamed of itself for dragging such archaic nonsense into a war it chose to start.

The T-72 is an incomparably better tank than the T-62. It is the T-72 that forms the backbone of the Russian armored forces. But now Russia is pulling tanks out of long-term storage that are older than the parents of most of the Russian soldiers in Ukraine.

Ukrainian drone operators are very clear about this – upgrade or not, the T-62 is just an armored coffin on the tracks for the Russians. But in Russia, there is no protest. It’s okay for people to be sent to die in someone else’s country with ancient equipment for no reason.

written by Povelas M.

Sources: Tech.wp.pl, Wikipedia